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Door Closers

One of the most important, yet overlooked pieces of hardware out there is the door closer. Without the right door closer, even the best lock in the business will be useless in securing your door. It is of the utmost importance that you select the right door closer for you, and as an Orlando FL locksmith company who takes pride in the knowledge and education of locks and doors, we would be glad to find the perfect one for you. Size and weight of the door is a crucial factor when picking out the right door closer, as well as how frequently used the door is, and location. Door closers can also be helpful in keeping your door open for a convenient period of time.

Panic Bars

Panic bars provide a safe and easy exit from your building while ensuring you the safety and security of any unwanted outsiders. Panic bars are most commonly used in school, hospitals, movie theaters, government buildings, office buildings, factories, hotels, and retail stores. We want to be the locksmith company in Orlando who you can trust to install any panic bars you require, and at an extremely affordable cost to you.

We offer a very large selection of panic bars to fit your every need. Whether you need an exit bar for your storefront door, a backdoor, an emergency exit, or any other door, we have what you need.

Allow us to customize our panic bar to fit your needs:
  • Adjustable Panic/Exit Bars
  • Panic Bars with Emergency Alarms
  • Storefront Exit Bars
  • Long-lasting
  • Available in most finishes

Do not settle for the lower quality hardware you find elsewhere. Contact us to find the right high quality hardware for your business. We’re a locksmith company in Orlando who has you covered. We also repair damaged panic bars, so don’t hesitate to call us now with any questions or concerns.


Without a great door, your lock is almost worthless. Literally.

We specialize in the maintenance and installation of a wide array of doors ranging from home security, office, government building, factory, and many more. We can make sure that your door can handle any lock system on the market, or at least the lock that you require. Let us come out to you and diagnose your problem so we can determine the quickest way to solve your issue and get you going with the rest of your day. We are a locksmith in Orlando you can put your faith in to be efficient with the job, as well as educating you on each step along the way of the door installation process.

Call now with any questions or concerns regarding your doors and find out what the best course of action could be for you.

Continuous Hinges

If you have doors which are being opened and closed frequently, the hinges might be rubbing together, jamming, or dragging on the ground. After a while your hinges will break or become extremely worn down and your entire door might need to be replaced. As the top locksmith company in Orlando FL, we care deeply about your property, as well as saving you the time and money of having to replace your entire door. So let us install a continuous hinge on your door to prevent these things from happening and save you tons of money in the long run.

Industrial, Commercial and Residential

Whether you own a business, or a home, we understand the importance of safety and quality. We know not every Orlando FL locksmith company hold the same high standards as we do when it comes to customer satisfaction as well as customer appreciation, so we urge you to let us deal with your commercial and residential needs alike. Every customer is family to us, so call now.

If you own or operate an industrial, commercial, or residential complex, we can help you today! Give us a call and discover what sets us apart from any other locksmith in Orlando.

Door Hardware

Door hardware is exactly that; anything piece of hardware associated with your door, whether at your home or in the office. We can install deadbolts or fix a preexisting issue with a lock or hinge. If you require some extra security, we have expert staff ready to install heavy duty security bolts, bars, mag locks, or stronger locks at your request.

If any part of your door is acting funny or broken altogether, give us a call today. We don’t just strive to be a good locksmith in Orlando; we aim to be the best.