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Ways To Improve French Door Security

Ways To Improve French Door Security

Ways To Improve French Door Security


French doors are a beautiful addition to any home, but they can also be a weak spot for security. French doors use a glass panel that allows light in and offers an excellent view of the outside. However, burglars see this as an advantage to break into the house. Burglars target these doors and windows as they are more accessible to break through than the walls. So, if you have French doors, enhancing your security is necessary. In this blog, we will offer some ways to improve French door security and protect your home from burglary.


Upgrade Your Locks

The first and essential step towards improving your French door security is by upgrading the locks. The standard lock that comes with your French door isn't always secure. Nowadays, burglars have become smarter with technology, so you need to upgrade your locks to advanced and durable locks. Consider installing high-quality deadbolts, mortise or surface-mounted locks, and knob locks to your French doors. This would require professional assistance, so consider contacting a locksmith to address the locks in your French doors.

Use Security Sensors and Alarms

Burglars hate getting caught, so installing motion detectors, sensors and alarms is an excellent way to scare them from even attempting to break-in. Motion detectors and sensors get triggered when they sense a person's movement, while alarms go off if somebody tries to fiddle with the doorknob. Installing these doesn’t have to cause an eyesore; there are various discrete designs to choose from. A Rudi Cuellar Locksmith offers a full range of security options handling French door locks installation and other locksmith services in Orlando.

Install Window Films

Glass windows offer an excellent view but can play an essential part in making your French doors risky. The burglars can easily break through regular glass windows on French doors. Installing window films to reinforce the glass door makes it more difficult to break, and they also protect against any forceful entry. Window films are an affordable and effective solution to increase your home security. You could also install laminated glass panels or tempered glass that would offer the best security solution for your French door.

Add External Security Cameras

Security cameras are a significant deterrent to burglars as they can capture footage of an intrusion that helps catch the suspect. Installing external security cameras will detect any intrusion attempt and provide concrete evidence to identify the intruder. Nowadays, you don't have to install conspicuous CCTV cameras; you can install subtle ones that are not easily noticeable, yet still provide excellent footage.

Secure Your French Doors with Plantings

Adding some thorny landscaping or plants near your French door reduces the chance of someone breaking in by trying to force open the door. Thorny plants around your French door act as a natural barrier, making it difficult to go through the entrance. It's an affordable option to enhance your home security and a great way to add natural decor.



Improving your French door security is essential, and it's something you can’t ignore. Adding extra security features to your French door isn’t only about limiting burglaries; it also gives you peace of mind knowing that your family and belongings are secure. Our team of experts at A Rudi Cuellar Locksmith understands the importance of French door security and can help improve your home security. We assess your security needs and offer customized solutions to secure your French door. Contact us today and enjoy a secure home.