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Rekey Or Replace Your Lock – Which One is the Best Choice?

Rekey Or Replace Your Lock – Which One is the Best Choice?

Rekey Or Replace Your Lock – Which One is the Best Choice?

The security of your home or business is a top priority. Locks are an essential component in keeping your properties secure. However, sometimes the choice of whether to rekey or replace your lock can be overwhelming. Knowing which option will offer you the best security for your building's needs can be tricky. In this blog post, we will outline the differences between rekeying and replacing your locks, and provide you with the information needed to make the best decision for your property.

When deciding whether to rekey or replace your lock, there are several things you need to consider. Rekeying a lock simply means changing the existing key to fit a new one without changing the lock itself. This option is recommended for those looking to prevent unauthorized access to their properties without having to incur the cost of completely replacing their locks. However, if your lock is old or damaged, replacing it may be the better option. This way, you know that you're receiving a new, fully functional lock with updated safety features.

Another factor to consider when choosing between rekeying or replacing your lock is the security level of the existing lock. If you have high-security locks installed, then rekeying may be the better option. High-security locks are designed to withstand increased force and picking attempts, making them difficult to compromise. However, if you have low-security locks or cheaply made locks, replacing them may be the best course of action. These locks will likely not be as durable or secure and can easily be breached by an experienced burglar.

The cost of rekeying and replacing locks is also an essential consideration. Rekeying locks are generally less expensive than completely replacing the locks, making it an attractive option for those on a budget. In contrast, replacing your locks may involve additional costs, such as hardware or installation fees. If you're trying to balance cost with safety, rekeying may be your best option.

If you've lost your keys or are experiencing any other issues with your locks, you need to act quickly to restore the security of your home or business. It's crucial to hire a professional locksmith to rekey or replace your locks. When hiring a professional locksmith, ensure that they are licensed and certified, have excellent reviews, provide fast service, and offer fair prices. Your safety and security are important, and you want to make sure that you're working with a reputable locksmith that you can trust.



Rekeying or replacing your locks is crucial when it comes to keeping your home or business secure. Overall, the decision to rekey or replace your locks boils down to several factors. If you have high-security locks and want to maintain their overall security, rekeying may be the best option. If your locks are old, damaged, or low-security, replacing them may be the best choice. Cost is another factor to consider, with rekeying being the less expensive option in many cases. Ultimately, seeking the advice of a professional locksmith in Orlando, FL will provide you with a better understanding of your security needs and help you make the right choice. Contact us at A Rudi Cuellar Lock today for more information on lock rekeying and replacement services in Orlando, FL.