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4 Considerations for Choosing a Commercial Safe

4 Considerations for Choosing a Commercial Safe

4 Considerations for Choosing a Commercial Safe

A quality safe for a business or home might last for decades or a lifetime with adequate maintenance and care. However, whether your goal is to protect sensitive business materials, personnel documents, a firearm, or cash, a safe that is underperforming may fail to function when you most need it. To ensure that your safe provides optimal functionality and protection, it is critical to choose the best model for your business and maintain it regularly to keep it performing well for years in the future. Today, there are many commercial safes on the market for you to decide between, which can make a choice more challenging. Our experts on safe opening in Orlando offer the following considerations for protecting your company's interests by choosing the best safe for your business needs.

Protection type

Most businesses need protection from both fires and burglary. For example, if you are looking for a place to store and protect cash, it is usually best to pick a burglar safe because it offers the most protection against theft. However, if you also intend to store critical documents, you will want it to provide more fire security.

Another option to consider is purchasing a burglar safe with added fire protection cladding. Stay with a UL-rated burglar safe with added cladding to boost the safe’s fire protection. These safes are usually significantly more costly and challenging to locate, but the added protection may pay off when you need it the most.

Insurance coverage requirements

Some insurers want to know the type of safe you have in your business. It can make a difference in your coverage rates. Most insurers require a minimum safety rating from which you should determine your safe. It only takes a couple of minutes to contact your insurance agent to inquire about requirements or read your policy documentation to learn more. Do not make the mistake of waiting for an incident only to discover you voided your coverage by not having the proper protection in place.


The protection level and size of a safe will influence its pricing. For example, larger safes are generally more expensive than smaller ones. However, because this will likely be a one-time purchase to protect your business, you should decide based on what fits your needs and not the cost when possible. Remember, you get what you pay for, and the peace of mind alone is worth plenty.

Weight and size

To a certain degree, a larger safe can offer more protection than a smaller one. However, the larger a safe is, the heavier it will be. This makes it critical to consider the floor's support structure below it and be sure it is robust enough to hold the safe's weight. Another necessary consideration is that a heavier safe will be more challenging to move. Some business owners prefer owning a lightweight safe to take with them if they change locations or in case of an emergency. Others appreciate the weight because it is much more challenging for thieves to get away with in case of a burglary.

These are just a handful of things to consider when choosing a commercial safe. Contact us today for more information on safe opening in Orlando. We are here to help when your safe fails.