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When is it Time to Change the Locks?

When is it Time to Change the Locks?

When is it Time to Change the Locks?

Door locks are often the best line of defense against intruders and thieves. A home's front door is one of the most common entry points for a burglar, so use effective locks to secure the door. It is also vital to be aware of when the time has come for changing the locks. A-Rudi Cuellar Lock is a trusted and reliable locksmith in Orlando to help keep your property safe.

It is time to consider changing the locks on the doors after the following events:

Years of wear and tear

Locks, like nearly anything else, can often be weakened or damaged by normal wear and tear. It is essential to be aware that it is always easier to break into a home with worn locks. If the locks on a property have been in place for an extended period, it is advised to change the locks rather than letting an intruder take advantage of an easy target.

Moving to a new home

It can be beneficial to change locks when moving into a new home. However, even if the house is new construction, it is never possible to determine who has had access to the home before you and whether they took the time to make a spare key.

After keys are lost

Losing keys or having them stolen makes it challenging to know whose hands they might end up in. Therefore, it is crucial to change the locks at times like these to have peace of mind and avoid being the victim of a break-in.

When someone moves out

Changing locks after someone moves out of the property is a high priority, especially if the terms of the move weren't amicable. This could be a roommate or an ex-partner, and it is always better to be safe than sorry, even when feeling like they would not be capable of breaking of retribution.

After a break-in

After a home has been broken into, it is essential to review the condition of locks and doors. A damaged lock makes future break-ins much easier. It may also be beneficial to think about increasing the home's overall security in situations like this.

When evicting tenants

A landlord has a massive responsibility to those living in their buildings. Tenants have the right to habitability and a safe and livable space, and one prominent feature of habitability is a door with a lock. It is also essential to take the responsibility of maintaining those locks. Changing locks after an eviction or a move-out can keep you and your tenants safe from any number of situations. Evicted tenants may be defiant, and you don't want to risk letting them come back into your building and endanger the lives of anyone who rents from you.

Having a house sitter

Family, friends, and neighbors can be helpful when going away for work or vacation, but unless the house sitter is trusted completely, do consider changing the locks afterward. While changing them every time you go away may be drastic, consider changing the locks if your house sitter doesn't return your key or when it is obvious they have returned to copy.

Hiring a locksmith in Orlando is essential to ensure safety for yourself, loved ones, or tenants.