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How to Open a Locked Safe

How to Open a Locked Safe

How to Open a Locked Safe

Having an old safe that cannot be opened makes a person wonder what is hiding inside. There might be diamonds or gold, or even important documents or the formula for curing cancer. Not knowing what's inside makes it even more exciting to find a way to open it. Needing safes open is nothing new. The process of opening a safe is also known as safe cracking, and it's something that many people still have curiosity about. Locksmiths are professionally trained to handle opening safes. A-Rudi Cuellar Lock has the experience and expertise for safe opening in Orlando, so the contents inside are left undamaged. Their expertise can help with concerns related to lock malfunctions, lost combinations, robbery attempts, or fires.

Many people believe that if they insert something into the keyhole of the safe, then the lock will open, but this is a common misconception. Inserting just any object into the keyhole can damage the lock. Even the key that belongs to the lock may not function correctly after a foreign object is inserted in the lock. This makes it vitally important to fully understand safe opening procedures before opening a locked safe without the key or safe combination.

Safe opening methods

There are many different methods for opening a locked safe, including:

  • Prying the safe open

Prying open a safe is a familiar concept. Unfortunately, though, it is considered the least effective method for opening a lock safely. This is the most commonly used for thieves to try to open a safe forcefully. While most prying attempts end up in failure, it can be possible with the right amount of energy, time, strength, and a big enough lever, that any safe can potentially be pried open.

  • Scoping a safe

Another manner for opening an old safe is scoping. Scoping is the process of drilling a hole and inserting a borescope into it. When grass glass relockers are part of the safe, implements for security scoping are the most used technique to open them.

  • Cutting a safe

Safe cutting is mainly utilized by professional, safe opening technicians, though sometimes criminals can misuse the method. This method creates a mess, causes lots of noise, and takes lots of time. Many high-security safes available on the market are equipped with barriers to slow down attacks involving safe cutting. In addition, many safe manufacturers use a layer of tar on the barrier to avoid unauthorized access.

  • Drilling a safe

Professional locksmiths often use methods of drilling a safe to get a locked safe open. Drilling is required when a particular safe is designed with manipulation-resistant locks or electronic locks. The goal of safe drilling is to make a tiny hole that allows the safe to open. Though this method sounds simple, there are many risks involved. Most modern and high-security safes use barrier materials or rigid plates to destroy the entire drill box and bits quickly. Special drills, bits, and drilling concepts are required to break these barriers and rigid plates. Drilling a safe is the most common and practical method of safe opening because it creates only a few needed repairs and works quite effectively.

  • Safe manipulation

Safe manipulation is the process of manipulating the locks on a safe to cause it to open. Many safe locks give unique Sounds or feelings of resistance when someone tries to open them without a lock. This method often requires special knowledge of lock manipulation and is mainly used by most experienced and professional technicians. However, this method is commonly used because it makes the work simple and effective when it is done correctly.

Most of these methods require skill. That makes it essential to reach out to a locksmith for safe opening in Orlando if you have a safe that cannot open.