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How Do I Secure My Home from Intruders?

How Do I Secure My Home from Intruders?

How Do I Secure My Home from Intruders?

Are you concerned with the threat of criminal activity in your neighborhood?  Do you want to upgrade the security around your home?  By following the right security protocols, you can work to keep your home, belongings, and loved ones safe from burglary and theft.  Although you may assume that you are safe from these occurrences, you will still want to take the time to check on the security and safety of your home.  Our locksmith is here to help with our lock and key services, security system installation, and safe opening in Orlando.  There are a few ways that you can ensure that your home is safe from invaders.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

If you have a darkened driveway or walkways around your home, a burglar may consider you as an easy target to sneak up on at night.  They will be able to walk around your home undetected and try to find an open window or door.  Avoid this by installing motion sensor lights around the perimeter of your home.  These will turn on and scare anyone that fears they will be seen.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Sometimes staying safe in your home doesn't require installing something new; it just requires getting more familiar with your surroundings.  Getting to know your neighbors can have many benefits on the safety of your home.  Friendships with your neighbors will help to keep your house safe, as everyone will be looking out for each other.  If they notice something strange, they will tell you.

Install Deadbolts on Your Exterior Doors

Many burglars force their way into doors that aren't locked or can be easily broken.  Remove this risk by installing deadbolts on all of your exterior doors.  Hire a local locksmith to perform these duties so they can also inspect to ensure that all windows are secure while they are there.  Having the opinion of a professional in security will give you even more peace-of-mind against burglars.

Invest in a Security System

Security systems are also recommended for homes that are in vulnerable or dangerous neighborhoods.  When you are worried about the threat of intruders, you should install a security system to put your worries at ease.  These systems will alert you of anything strange or any known presences on your property.  

Keep Landscaping Trimmed

If you let your landscaping become overgrown, you actually can provide burglars with the perfect place to hide until they see their moment to strike.  It is especially important to keep landscaping around your front door and first-floor windows trimmed back.  This will prevent anyone from hiding and jumping out when you least expect it.

These are five simple ways that you can keep your home secure from the threat of intruders.  By taking these steps, you will become less of a target to potential burglars who are looking for vulnerable homes to rob.  If you are looking for services to enhance your home security, you'll want to trust A-Rudi Cuellar Lock for everything from lock and key replacements to safe opening in Orlando.  Contact us to schedule your appointment with us today.