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Four Security Issues You May Uncover in an Old Home

Four Security Issues You May Uncover in an Old Home

Four Security Issues You May Uncover in an Old Home

Do you worry about purchasing an old home because of the security issues that you may discover?  Do you need to install new security measures to update your home?  When you purchase a home that may have been built decades ago, you may encounter some issues that will need to be repaired.  Often times, new homeowners that have purchased older homes will actually have a professional locksmith in Orlando come out and inspect the hardware and security features of the home.  These are some of the common security issues that you may discover in your old home.

Outdated Security Hardware

Security hardware that is outdated may host a range of issues, like faulty locks that may be difficult to turn, or features that wiggle around when you try to unlock them.  These issues should be fixed with the help of a professional.  Often times, people that sell their homes do not make any changes to the security hardware or locks that are in the house.  This means that it should be one of the top updates on your list once you finally make the move.

Easily Jammed Locks

Outdated locks also jam often. This is because of the dirt, grime, contaminants, and grease that build up inside the hardware over the years.  When the home comes with the originally installed hardware, this is a bad sign.  You will want to replace these features right away to prevent any issues with security breaches or even being locked out.

No Security Systems

Many of the older homes will also not have any wiring for security systems, as this was not something that was commonly installed in old houses.  When these homes were being built, they were often just built with deadbolts as the main security measure.  If you are looking for increased security, you will to consider installing a security system that has alarms to notify you of any strange occurrences in the property.

Dark Landscaping

Lighting in your landscaping is another way to enhance the safety and security of your home.  However, many older homes will not have landscaping light features or maybe even exterior lighting.  You may want to consider adding these features so that you can feel safer when you are walking to your car at night or simply just enjoying an evening in your own backyard.  Motion sensor lights, flood lights, and landscaping light posts are a great way to add security to the perimeter of your property.

These are some of the security issues that you may end up discovering some of these security issues in an old home.  When you are curious about the state of your home after purchasing it, you want to trust a locksmith in Orlando to come out and assess any changes or updates that should be made to keep your home safe.  Contact us to schedule your inspection today.