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Four Places You Should Never Hide Your Spare House Key

Four Places You Should Never Hide Your Spare House Key

Four Places You Should Never Hide Your Spare House Key

Many homeowners that use housekeys will keep a spare hidden somewhere on their property in case they forget their key inside their homes.  As a common practice, it seems innocent.  However, because it is such a widespread practice, it has become an unsafe practice, especially when you hide your key in the wrong place.  As a locksmith in Orlando, we are here to help you anytime you have misplaced, lost, or broken your key.  We are also here to help if a burglar has broken into your home after finding your hide-a-key.  Make sure that never happens by avoiding these places when you choose where to hide your spare key.

Under Your Doormat

The doormat trick is the oldest in the book, which means that is the worst place for you to put your spare key.  It is the most obvious choice for burglars to consider.  This is one of the least secured locations on your porch, and it is right in front of your door for quick and easy access for unwelcomed guests to enter.  Even if you have a camera installed on your front porch for added security, you should still avoid placing your key here.

Under a Front Porch Statue or Flowerpot

Another obvious location that you should avoid hiding your spare key is under nearby statues, flowerpots, or decorative objects.  Even if you have many different elements to your front porch or stoop area, you will want to avoid hiding your key underneath any of them.  Burglars will take their time to look under all the objects in hopes that they strike gold and find your key.  Do not give them this satisfaction.  

Under Rocks

Many people also hide their keys underneath rocks in their nearby landscaping beds.  Typically, they choose rocks that are easy to lift and close to the front porch area.  This is also exactly where burglars will look when they approach your front door.  Some homeowners think that their rock will be too heavy for burglars to lift on their own.  However, this is still a bad place to hide your key.  What if an emergency happens and you need your spare key yourself?  You will have trouble getting to it quick enough.

On Top of Your Doorframe

Many people also hide their keys on the top of the doorframe of their front door.  This another obvious location that burglars will check when they encounter a locked door.  Avoid placing your keys here, as there is no security that will keep your key in place.  Sometimes slamming the front door may even jar the entire door frame, which could knock your key right off the frame.  This location is too exposed and easy to reach for those that may want to find their way inside your home.

These are a few places where you should never hide your spare house key.  Because these places are so common, burglars will look here first.  Instead of choosing these popular locations, consider places that are more safe, preferably places that only family members will know about.  It is also beneficial to give your key to a trusted neighbor that can help when you are locked out.  If you are in need of a trustworthy locksmith in Orlando to help you get inside your locked home, contact A-Rudi Cuellar Lock today.