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Five Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Business

Five Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Business

Five Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Business

When we think of security, what do we generally think of?  Nowadays, passwords, key cards, pin codes, and fingerprint scanners come to mind. Well, with the increase of technology to help secure the inside, we tend to get lazy on securing the outside. Over 60% of threats to business security come from outside of the business.  Whether they are physically breaking in, or trying to hack their way in, they are still seeking to do harm to your livelihood.  Our locksmith in Orlando is here to help you keep your business safe.  These are a few of the ways that you can enhance the security around your Orlando business.

Hire Security Guards

While your business may not deal with money or valuables, you are still at risk of being terrorized by criminal elements. You cannot always expect your locks and gates to protect you, so why not invest in some security that will cover the spots that the cameras cannot. A solid security team will ensure that you have incredibly low risk at being burglarized, vandalized, or terrorized.

Utilize Key Cards

For inside security, install key card access points to protect the sensitive areas of your business's and employee's information. Select the key cards required for each area's access, and only present them to the trustworthy few that require access to those points.

Install Security Fences

Fences are excellent deterrents to criminal elements. No one wants to climb a fence and carrying bolt cutters to hack through a fence is not normal criminal behavior. In fact, a fence presents a problem for criminals.  When you use a fence around the border of your parking lot or property, you can even include gates that allow only restricted access.  These can be extremely beneficial in keeping criminals away and only letting employees enter the facility.

Update Your Surveillance

While protecting with the intent to prevent is the best mindset to have, not all physical threats are stopped by fences or key cards. Sometimes, crimes occur. When this happens, having added security of video cameras is wise. You can potentially protect your assets by identifying the culprit at hand or at least detailing clues for investigators to use.

Combine Multiple Methods of Security

The best security to have is all of them. It is pricey but protecting yourself comes at a cost nowadays. Having a security team, fence contractor, cameras, and key cards all will allow you to control who goes in and out of your business. Fences combined with cameras protect the perimeter, while key cards and security will protect the inside of your business.

These are a few of the ways that you can increase the security around your business.  When you use the best locksmith in Orlando, you will have no issues with the security installation of both surveillance, lights, key cards, and access points.  Contact us to hear about our locksmith services today.