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5 Reasons You May Need a Locksmith to Open a Safe

5 Reasons You May Need a Locksmith to Open a Safe

5 Reasons You May Need a Locksmith to Open a Safe

Safes have been used and manufactured for centuries. People all across the world use safes for various reasons. People use them and purchase them often because they are easy to use and convenient for keeping their valuables safely locked away. Our most prized possessions require the highest level of security for protection, though basic security measures are often enough for things that aren't very valuable. Having a safe that refuses to open or cannot be unlocked can happen for various reasons. It is always best to use the services of an experienced locksmith when you are unable to open a safe, as they can usually resolve the problem quickly for you. Our experts offer these reasons why people should contact a locksmith for a safe opening in Orlando:

Lost keys or safe combinations.

Not opening a safe because you lost the key or forgot the combination is a lot like being locked out of your home or your car. An experienced locksmith is trained to open a safe when you are locked out of it. Opening a locked safe is much more complicated than opening the doors of homes or cars. This is because a safe is designed to protect precious items, so it only makes sense for them to be more difficult to open than your car or home. Most safes have backup measures in place to make them difficult to open by force. Locksmiths are highly trained in bypassing any extra security measures and gaining access to a locked safe without damaging or harming any of the contents inside.

Internal wiring damage.

Though you can unlock many safes with a combination or a key, electronic safes have internal wiring that can become damaged with regular use over time. Wiring damage can stop a safe from sending signals to locking bolts or keypads to open. This makes it nearly impossible to operate your electronic safe normally. Fortunately, experienced locksmiths have the training to open electronic safes and traditional ones. Before calling a locksmith, it is essential to do some troubleshooting, like ensuring that you have battery power or that the keypad has not come disconnected. Once you have exhausted all other options, reach out to a local locksmith for help.

Jammed or broken safe bolts

A safe not opening is not always due to user error. In many cases, a safe won't open even when the correct combination code or key is used. It is common for safes not to open in these cases because something is wrong with them or they have become jammed. Locksmiths often encounter problems with jammed safe bolts. If you have tried turning the locking mechanism and are still unable to get your safe open, it is likely that the bolts are not working correctly or have become jammed.

There are many reasons that bolts can jam on a safe. If a safe has not been adequately maintained or the bolts have become misaligned, a locksmith will be the only choice to open it safely. Bolts can also misalign from excessive force being applied to them. This can happen when a safe is not appropriately handled and sometimes even occurs during delivery. Call a locksmith for safe opening in Orlando if you cannot turn the safe knob a full rotation.

Damaged locking mechanisms.

Damage can be done when a thief gets their hands on your safe, but still cannot open it. If a safe has been kicked or battered with excessive force, chances are damage has been done. In these cases, the damage is usually caused by problems with the locking mechanism. Many safes are designed to resist external damages, though you will still have to call a locksmith to get it open even if you have the correct combination. If external damage has been done to the safe, likely, you will not be able to open it on your own. If you have tried repeatedly, but you still can't get inside, the damage is likely bad enough to make the safe unable to be opened without a locksmith’s repairs.

Failed regular maintenance.

Maintaining a safe and its mechanical components is essential. Unfortunately, owners often neglect safe maintenance, and locksmiths commonly have to be called for not properly functioning safes. The risk of a safe lockout is increased when you do not follow up with regular maintenance on your safe. Regular safe maintenance can help avoid many potential safe problems. In addition, regular safe maintenance and lubrication of safe components can ensure efficient and effective safe functioning.

There are many reasons a safe is unable to open. Contact us today if you need help opening a safe. Once we verify that the safe and contents inside belong to you, we will be happy to help get it unlocked.