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Issues with Your Locks that Require Immediate Attention

Issues with Your Locks that Require Immediate Attention

Issues with Your Locks that Require Immediate Attention

In order to ensure that your home is safe from burglary and intrusion, you want your door locks stay in great shape.  This requires you to take care of your locks and notice when they are not functioning properly.  Issues with locks can range from being loose, not turning correctly, or even losing keys to your locks.  These issues can be quickly attended to by a locksmith in Orlando, who is available for both routine and emergency lock needs.  There are a few lock issues that will need to be immediately addressed in order to keep your home safe and sound.

Loose Door Locks

Door locks are made of many different components that help to ensure it works properly.  Over time, some of these components may become loose, causing the lock to become weak or even start wiggling.  This often times occurs on locks that are on exterior doors, because they serve as primary access points to the home and suffer from overuse.  Many times, homeowners neglect loose locks until the lock no longer functions and they cannot access their home through that door.  Avoid this problem by taking care of the lock when you first notice it weakening.

Broken Key Stuck in Lock

Those who have experienced breaking a key while turning a lock realize the pain that this issue causes.  Not only are you denied access through that door, but you also need to have a new key made.  This issue almost certainly requires the assistance of a locksmith in Orlando to come to your home and remove the key.  Locksmiths will also be able to create a new key for your lock or even replace the lock entirely.  This issue is inconvenient but also needs to be handled quickly to keep your home safe.

Jammed Door Locks

When you are suffering from a jammed door lock, you will also need to give this issue your immediate attention.  Doors can jam from a buildup of debris and dirt that gets into the lock, or because of a broken door latch or jam.  The cause of the door jam will help to determine how the locksmith will fix the issue.  This could be fixed easily by properly cleaning the door jam, but it can also require an entire replacement if the structure of the lock has been compromised.  If left neglected, the security of your home is in jeopardy and your door may be susceptible to additional damages.  

These are a few lock issues that require the immediate attention of a repairman or locksmith in Orlando.  If you have noticed one of the above issues in your door locks, contact A-rudi Cuellar Lock immediately and we will come out to your home to repair your lock.  Our goal is to keep you safe by providing excellent and expert lock services.