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Four Common Car Key Issues

Four Common Car Key Issues

Four Common Car Key Issues

Have you ever struggled to open your car door because your car keys haven't been working properly?  If you have been able to get into the car, you might now be struggling to turn your keys in the ignition.  It can be incredibly frustrating to feel stranded in or around your car.  In fact, a locksmith in Orlando receives many phone calls to report malfunctioning car keys and request assistance.  We provide services to combat many issues that occur with keys, especially car keys.  There are many common car key issues that may require the assistance of a locksmith in Orlando.

Damaged Lock

If you try to unlock your car and you realize your key is not working, this may indicate that the lock itself is damaged.  Those of you that have a keyless remote system won't have to worry about this issue, but older car models may.  When you continuously use your key to unlock your car door manually, you can easily wear down the internal mechanism of the lock.  Also, if the lock is not regularly cleaned, it can be blocked by a buildup of dirt and debris.  

Damaged Key

Another common reason your car key may not be working is because your car key is damaged.  Many people believe that if they cannot visibly see the damage to a key, then it must not be damaged.  This is incorrect, because keys can be damaged without you even noticing.  Damage can occur when you consistently use a key, because it is susceptible to wear and tear.  When the grooves the key are compromised, it will no longer turn once it is injected into the lock mechanism.

Worn Out Batteries

If the batteries in your key fob are dead, you may experience issues with your key.  This is a common problem that also offers an easy solution.  If you are noticing that your car is no longer responding to the buttons you are pushing on your key fob, this may indicate that your batteries are out of power.  The simple solution here is to replace your batteries.  This will have your key fob working again in no time.

Aftermarket Car Keys

Whenever your car keys need to be replaced, you may use the much cheaper options of an aftermarket car key.  This can be a risky move, however, because aftermarket car keys will pose issues if they are not used correctly.  In order to rely on aftermarket car keys, you need to correctly program them for your specific vehicle.  Many people rely on the help of a locksmith in Orlando to help them with car key issues.

These are just a few of the common car key issues that may have you calling up your local locksmith for help.  A top locksmith in Orlando can come out to your location and help you get entry into your car.  They will also work with you to replace your car keys with functional keys.  If you are battling issues with any of your locks and keys, contact us today to come out and help you.