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Top 3 Safe Crackers of all Time

Top 3 Safe Crackers of all Time

Top 3 Safe Crackers of all Time

Many people keep their most valuable processions in a safe. Yet, over the course of history, some people have been able to crack into those safes and steal what is inside. While they do not get away with it for long, their stories are legendary.

Johnny Ramensky

From a very young age, Johnny Ramensky ended up on the wrong side of the law, and he soon learned to open safes by watching other criminals. He committed so many crimes that the police nicknamed him Gentle Johnny because he never used any violence against them when they finally caught up to him. In 1941, Johnny was locked up in Peterhead Prison when he learned how bad the Nazis were treating people. He talked to everyone he could, and the army finally let him enlist. Throughout World War II, he was known for his great safecracking skills, and he is credited with gathering many Nazi secrets and money that was hidden in safes. Unfortunately, Johnny found it hard to stay on the right side of the law, so he died in prison in 1972. Ironically, his few processions are kept in a safe in a Glasgow bank.

Thomas Rice Reid

Thomas Rice Reed could have been a high court official, but he chose a life of crime instead. The day before he was supposed to be appointed to Scotland’s highest court, he was found breaking into safes on Argyle Street in Glasgow, the Cooperative Buildings in Bathgate, the Dunblane Post Office, and pawnbrokers in Greenock. Despite not making away with anything of value and not being appointed to the high court, he never served a day in prison because of a heart condition.

Frederika Mandelbaum

While she never broke into a safe on her own, Frederika Mandelbaum oversaw a whole group of safecrackers in New York City’s earliest days. In order to avoid detection, she also actively sold fabric to unsuspecting customers. As her reputation grew, she even organized a crime school where children were taught to pick people’s pockets. Those children who showed the most promise were taught the art of safecracking.

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