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How to Protect Your Safe From Theft

How to Protect Your Safe From Theft

How to Protect Your Safe From Theft

While Hollywood often shows safecrackers quickly breaking into a safe, police will tell you that the most common way to steal a safe is to take the entire safe. Then, at the thief’s leisure, they can open the safe. If you have a safe in your home or business, you need to make sure that you have secured it properly.  

Keep the Safe Locked

Your first line of defense is keeping the safe locked always. That way, if someone tries to break into it, they do not have easy access. Then, they may decide to move on to another home or business. One choice is a dial lock as there are more than 1 million possible three-number combinations. Digital number keypads offer easy ways to set them, but remember to change the batteries at least once a year or you will lock yourself out. Biometric safes are often seen as the safest by professionals, but their reliability is a little questionable as they do not always recognize the right person. The least secure are key locks because people often give easy access to their key, even if they do not mean too.  

Anchor the Safe

Many safe owners choose to anchor their safes to the floor, but there are other options available. You may want to purchase a massive steel slab and mount your safe to it, which makes it very heavy to move. If you are using it in a relatively secure location, often adding additional weight inside the safe discourages thieves. In some cases, using polymer glue may be enough deterrent that your safe will not get stolen.  

Pick the Right Location

Many people place their saves in the wrong location because people can see it from the exterior of the building. If it is too much hassle to get to your safe, then you will not want to use it. Putting it on a shelf and anchoring it securely to the wall behind it is an option that works for many. You may also want to put it in a secured cabinet. You should not, however, choose a location where humidity is high to keep your safe working properly.  

Select a Quality Door

One quality you will want to consider when selecting a new safe is the quality construction of the door. Safes with stainless steel doors are usually the safest. Scrutinize the safe to make sure there are no gaps between the door and the safe. While many people look at the thickness of the door, it is more vital to make sure that the door fastens securely to the safe.  

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