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Home Lock Maintenance

Home Lock Maintenance

Home Lock Maintenance

You and your family open your home’s door locks multiple times each day. You trust that when you are away, your lock will protect your valuables inside. If you are like most homeowners, however, you do not take the time to care for your lock correctly. Eventually, over time, your lock will fail to operate correctly. Taking a few minutes occasionally to care for your home’s lock can make it last much longer.

Is the Door Hanging Properly?

If you live in an older home, then your home may settle over time. Even some newer homes have been known to sink. When it does, your home’s door no longer fits its opening correctly. One of the easiest ways to tell if your door is appropriately fitting is to close the door and look for a gap at the top or bottom. If there is, then you need to get the door rehung or figure out why your house is settling.

Are You Using the Proper Screws?

It is not unusual for screws to come out of the strike plate holding your home’s door. When it does, you may have decided to replace it with a screw that you already had on hand. Using screws you have on hand is not the safest option because at least one screw should be 3 inches or longer to secure your home correctly. It should be the screw closest to the center wall. Furthermore, one screw in each hinge should be 3 inches or longer to prevent the door from sagging.

Can You Operate the Deadbolt Easily?

If you have a deadbolt on the door, then you should be able to operate it easily from inside your home. If you must use a lot of pressure to operate the deadbolt, then something is not right, and you need to call a locksmith in Orlando, like A-Rudi Cuellar Lock, to come to inspect it. Furthermore, the deadbolt’s latch should not fall into the striker plate.

When was the Last Time You Lubricated Your Door?

One of the easiest things that you can do is to lubricate your door with a graphite lubricant at least annually. Spray the lubricant in the lock and run your key in and out numerous times. Each time that you remove the key be sure to use a towel to wipe off any debris. You should also clean your door lock with water at least annually. Do not, however, use a robust petroleum-based cleaner as it can mess up your lock.

If you are having trouble with your lock, then it may be time to have a new one installed by a locksmith in Orlando. Call A-Rudi Cuellar Lock about installing a new lock on your home today. You will be glad that you trusted his professional service to keep you and your family safe.