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Top 3 Ways to Secure Your Door

Top 3 Ways to Secure Your Door

Top 3 Ways to Secure Your Door

Doors are the first line of defense and security against external forces. External forces may include minor hassles like pests and other unwarranted nuisance. On a more significant level, your door is the main barrier between a burglar and your valuables. For door security, several factors including how it is used, how many people use it and the security of the house in general must be put into consideration.

Irrespective of your family size, the presence of a flatmate or if you’re living alone, the security of your door is of utmost priority and we have some of the best ways to secure your door outlined for you below;

1. Screw replacement

One of the first things that any new home occupant or owner should do is to check on the screw that is being used on the strike plate and door hinges. It is not uncommon to find ¾ inch screws behind the doors that are not properly holding on to the door frame. Simply replacing these ¾ inch screws or adding extra screws that span over 3 inches in length will see to it that the frame, hinges, strike plate are all properly tightened to ensure that your door doesn’t go off with the first attempt to knock it down.

Although some locksmith will advise one to majorly strengthen the strike plate as it is one of the parts that is majorly battered, if the hinges are not also fortified, the resulting force can see the door break off from its hinges.

2. High-end locks

High end locks offer a wide array of protection. The versatility that high end locks offer through the many models and technological advancement is a great way to reinforce your door security systems. As long as you are using a professional locksmith in Orlando, you can have recommendations ranging from software-controlled locks, alarm systems, anti-hack encryptions and many more smart and traditional locks options.

3. Strike plates

The increased length of the screws offers more security as they help fasted the strike plate to the door and its frame. Using a longer strike plate itself is important to disperse the energy that a bludgeoning and aggressive brute force attack. A longer strike plate helps in circulating the force throughout the length of the door jamb and using a longer strike plate essentially means that you are increasing the available number of screws on the plate that helps in binding it to the frame.

With the use of steel, the screw plate is even more reinforced and the stronger the material, the lesser the risk of breaking through aggravated means and force.

While all the above methods may seem pretty direct and DIY, the services of a professional locksmith is highly recommended. Sometimes certain solutions may not apply to every situation and the best person at evaluating your solutions is a Professional locksmith in Orlando. Hiring a locksmith in Orlando is the best way to ensure that you get the best door security options that work the best for your home.