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Looking at the different types and nature of security safes

Looking at the different types and nature of security safes

Looking at the different types and nature of security safes

Do you have a security safe and you have run into problems opening it? Your expert in safe opening in Orlando is Arudi Cuellar, and you can reach us today at (407) 423-2994. We install, repair and open all sorts of safes and security deposit boxes.

What is a security safe by the way?

Security safes are some of the most popular safes found in most homes. They are used to secure and protected a number of things like documents, money, pieces of jewelry and a lot more personal belongings. Depending on what they intend to use it for, homeowners and businesses may decide to choose a security safe that comes with a fireproof design. Some people may decide to go for something that is simpler – office safe – which is used for keeping cash while some others like large corporations may opt for bulletproof and fireproof security safes. Depending on your needs, the type of security safe you chose will come in a particular design that is other types may not have.

Types of security safes

There are some notable types of security safes available for sale in the market. And if you by mistake lock yourself out of your safe as such that you can no longer access what is inside, or that your safe get stock, or can’t be opened as a result of incorrect password combination, Arudi Cuellar is yours is your go-to expert in a safe opening in Orlando.

Below are the different types of security safes you can buy, install and repair when damaged.

Wall Safes

These are the types of safes installed into the body of a wall in a business or premise or home. Wall safes r installed and used for safeguarding files and protecting valuables against theft. But they are designed to be rated against water and fire in the event that there is a water leakage or building fire. You can install a wall safe by first considering and determine the size, after which you call in the safe installer such as Arudi Cuellar Lock Company who will help you to choose a favorable location for the installation of the safe.

To conceal the safe from public view, the owner or business may decide to put a picture, calendar or another form of a removable item across the face of the safe on the wall for added security from the view of others.

Office Safes

These types of safes come in different functionality and sizes, depending on the nature of business making use of it. Some office safes have a lot of space capable of holding a large sum of money, private and vital documents and some other items. On the other hand, some businesses may decide to go for the smaller size for the purpose of keeping the physical cash derived from the daily sales of the business.

Gun Safes

These are safes used to keep guns and firearms away from people with malicious intent and negligent conduct. They are used to ensure that people do not take advantage of others or used the gun illegally at home or in the course of business activities. Gun safes come in different sizes. We have a size for firearms like pistols, shotguns, or large rifle like an AK47. The majority of gun safes come with a unique and different style of locking mechanism. Some of these include a biometric lock or a combination lock. Some gun safes come with a bulletproof and fireproof design.

Whenever you run into a problem with any of these safes, call Arudi Cuellar, your number one expert in safe opening in Orlando.

Fireproof Safes

As the name implies, these are safes designed to withstand the effect of fire damage. To ensure your fireproof safe performs handsomely, the rating will have to be top-notch, depending on the internal temperature not exceeding 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Such safes normally come in a fire rating of ranging from 1, 2, or 3, which is an indicator of the number of hours it will not go beyond 35o degree Fahrenheit internal temperature in the event of a fire outbreak.

Are you looking for the best security safe opening in Orlando, call Arudi Cuellar today at (407) 423-2994, and everything shall be taking care of.