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Avoiding getting lock-bumped

Avoiding getting lock-bumped

Avoiding getting lock-bumped

A lot of people are completely lost on what lock bumping is or what it means to be lock bumped. It is important to know what it means so you can properly protect yourself and get a Locksmith in Orlando when necessary. Lock bumping simply means having your lock picked. For over half of a century, this technique of breaking into locks has been used, and it is usually effective on over 90 percent of cylinder door locks. This goes without mentioning that anyone that will carry out lock bumping on a lock must have learned how to pick a lock within a short period and be able to get it done within that timeframe.

Lock bumping is usually carried out by criminals and often, a bump key is used. A bump key has all the cuts on it at the maximum depth. This key can be used to open a dimple lock or standard pin tumble locks. A bumped key can be bought on the internet or improvised by adding some cuts to a regular key. Lock bumping is not something anyone should experience, and the great news is that you can fight back.

How not to be a victim?

In most cases, there are specific types of keys that can be lock-bumped, and if these type of keys are not used, you are safe. So the first thing you should do is get a locksmith in Orlando to get you a list of alternatives to traditional keys. Highlighted below, are some ways to be in the clear of lock bumping.

1. Install a home security system

A home security system is an effective, modern and secure way of keeping your home safe from criminals and intruders. Although a home security system can be broken into, most burglars simply do not bother.

2. Install security cameras

Sometimes, these are part of a home security system and can sometimes be used stand-alone if you are using the traditional door-lock system. You can place the camera right above your door and if anyone tries to bump your door lock, they will be captured on camera. This makes it easier to make an arrest and all you will have to bother about is getting a locksmith in Orlando to have the lock fixed.

3. Protection against bumping

You should get in touch with a locksmith in Orlando to install a lock bumping protector. You can do it yourself or engage the services of a locksmith in Orlando to have it done.

4. Change your door locks.

To avoid door bumping, changing your door locks is one effective solution. You can just have a professional locksmith in Orlando have everything replaced for you. New door lock models are now designed with inbuilt bumping deterrents to make sure the locks are difficult to break into by intruders.

Other ways to keep your door locks safe include keeping a large dog, installing motion sensors, etc. A professional locksmith in Orlando can give you the best options that you can employ to keep your home protected. You can contact Arudi Cellular Lock on 407 423 2994.