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Top 7 Door Security Concerns

Top 7 Door Security Concerns

Top 7 Door Security Concerns

Door security of both home and office spaces is of absolute priority. This is because doors are our primary line of defense in keeping our valuables safe and secure from strangers and burglars. One of the few things that help you better secure your door and avoid breach is to know the risks and common aspects of door security and vulnerability.

To get a complete evaluation of your vulnerabilities, you should speak to an authorized professional locksmith in Orlando, and have a complete home security risk assessment. Before concluding on any method of door reinforcement and security, here are some few insights to consider, in order to give you an idea of how most burglars operate when trying to get through your door and primary line of defense.

1. Ramming and Kicking

Statistics have shown that the one of the most common means of forced entries are perpetuated by ramming and kicking down of victim’s doors. These methods use brute force that can be impacted by anyone using their feet, shoulder strikes or battering arms.

When these types of assault are made to doors, the siding and strike plate of the door and doorframe is knocked off or compromised, the shock effects can also extend to affect the hinges. If the door is weaker than the hinges and the strike plates, the door itself could give in. Kicking and ramming are part of the most common assaults that doors will face and should be effectively secured against.

One of the ways to ensure that your doors can be saved from battering or kicking is to use a burglary rail. A burglary will not only make it harder to get to your door, but also serves as extra security as a primary lock may also be equipped on it. From the inside, a barricade may help to withstand the incoming force and keep the door from breaking open.

2. Bypass

Any professional locksmith in Orlando, will tell you that most of the times that bypassing a door is only possible when there is a flaw in the design. This flaw is what allows burglars to open your door without using much force. The credit card method is the most popular method of bypassing door securities.

This method emphasizes more on the way and manner that the door handle is used. Burglars will usually bypass doors with this method using the spring-loaded latch bolt that is on the handle of the lock. Other techniques may involve using picks for locks.

3. Drilling

Lock drilling is one of the most widely-adopted ways that criminals use in getting past door security. This is because drilling works in most cases irrespective of the skill level of the invader and only requires a tool that most can get their hands on.

While advanced criminals will drill specific points, amateurs will drill the core and other points that will inevitably damage the lock in total. Drilling is such an unpopular practice in locksmith and even the most professional locksmiths will only use the technique in advanced cases that are rarely present.

4. Cutting

Cutting is fairly used by some burglars but will generally not be used by most criminals on an everyday basis. This method is more likely utilized when the break-in is taking place in an area where a lot of attention is not usually present. The focus of most cutting attacks is the deadbolt.

The deadbolt is the length of the metal in the lock that enters into the strike plate and these can be done with tools as basic as a handsaw when your lock is of substandard quality. The success of a cutting attack rests on the strength and depth of the metal content that makes your deadbolt as well as the gap that lies between the frame and the door.

5. Picking

Most burglars hardly consider picking your locks. Even so, it is still important to evaluate the picking resistance of your lock. As all locks can be picked, the strength and difficulty strongly depends on the sophistication and advanced security mechanisms of your lock.

Due to the limited time frame afforded burglars, locks with high picking resistance may be forced open using other type of brute force techniques. Any burglar that takes the pain of picking a lock with high picking resistance is definitely after something very valuable.

6. Bumping

Criminals will use a bump key more often than trying to pick your lock. To get started, a bump key will need to be made for your lock. This is always very possible with the exception that your door is guarded by a high security solution that offers a restricted keyway. Bumping is also a type of lock picking strategy specially developed to open a pin tumbler lock using the specially crafted rapping key, 999 key or bump key. The bump key must be made to match the mechanism and specifies of the target lock to function correctly.

7. Hacking

This method may not be popular with everyone and is chiefly applicable to those who use smart and electronic locks. Hackers and burglars may come with a hacking software that gains access to your passcode data or one that runs by continuously putting together a random combination of data till your exact combo and password is matched. Using a smart lock with advanced and sophisticated encryption is one of the feasible ways to beat this mode of break-ins.

The above listed ways are the most common methods that burglars and criminals will attempt to get around your door security. The services of a professional locksmith in Orlando will help you install a high security lock on your door that will see to the significant reduction of your home vulnerability. Licensed locksmiths in Orlando like A Rudi Cuellar Locksmiths can provide you with reliable and honest locksmith services, and evaluate your locks and home security to give you the best advice on upgrades, total lock replacements or rekeying solutions.

We will also provide emergency and mobile locksmith services that are available 24/7 to satisfy client’s needs at any point in time. Call us today or send an email to request a free consultation.