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Top 5 benefits of using a Keypad lock

Top 5 benefits of using a Keypad lock

Top 5 benefits of using a Keypad lock

When it comes to the security of your home and business, your valuables are only as secured as the level of sophistication and strength of your locks. There are quite several solutions today in ensuring the safe keeping of your properties, with each option providing varying levels of security with strengths and weaknesses in certain areas.

Keypad locks are increasing in popularity as people are seeing the benefits that it offers at a low overhead cost of purchase and installation. Keypad locks are also very versatile and adaptable to many situations whether in homes or businesses. Unlike traditional locks that can be “bumped” or jimmied by criminal elements, keypad locks do not give such an avenue for bypassing it. The lack of keys is also another reason why most locksmith services in Orlando now recommend that you use keypad locks for your homes instead of regular locks.

The Keypad lock holds several advantages over its other traditional counterparts, but the most significant is arguably the convenience it brings. The ability to switch codes and its lesser demand for servicing also makes it an excellent choice. With the considerable amount of competent locksmith services in Orlando, here are some top reasons why you should consider using this type of security:

1. Convenience

Unlike other analogue and manual forms of security system, the keypad lock uses a digital technology. This doesn’t only mean that you can walk around without hanging on to a gigantic bunch of keys, but also ensures keyless entry and exit which poses more security should you lose your keys.

The keypad system is simply more convenient to use as you only need enter your authorized security codes that is known to you, your family and a few friends alone. You’ll simply agree that it is best to have your keys in your head than in your hands when security is of utmost concern to you. A lot of keypad locks today now come equipped with smart features such as video cameras and entry/exit logs to help you track who has been in or out of your home. You can also set different codes for different people to better ensure the security of your home or business.

2. Enhanced home security

The Keypad lock system uses advanced technology and is not pick-able like older locks. This means that anyone without your security code will need to hack the mainframe using some sort of computer. It can be a huge stumbling block for average burglars who are used to entering and leaving at ease after they pick common locks.

It even gets better as the keypad locks allow you flexibility as you can change the codes if you suspect that anyone is onto your password. Finally, advanced technology can be used with keypads to enable a total lock out after a specific amount of trials similar to the case of smartphones; this is an important feature that keeps intruders from trying random numbers of configurations and passcodes.

3. Durability

Keypad locks almost never grow worn out from use and will cause little or no hassles once you enter your secure code. Older locks and keys atimes get stuck or stiff, lose winding and atimes have their configurations scattered. This can be quite an advantage as one is indulged in seamless entry and exit rather than when one has his keys but remains shut out because the locks have malfunctioned. Keypads thus save you extra money from maintenance and lubrication that traditional locks often demand from time to time.

Also, keypad locks remove the possibility of you breaking a key inside the lock which would lock you out at the most inconvenient of times and require you to call for emergency locksmith services in Orlando to rekey the lock and allow you back into your home. Because all you have to do with keypad locks is press your code and it opens, they typically have a much lesser need for maintenance and replacement like regular key locks.

4. Unique design and Aesthetic appearance

As earlier discussed, Keypads bring a posh appearance to compliment your homes and office appearance. There are a wide number of varying designs to choose from that offers futuristic, advanced and minimalistic designs to your home or workplace. Keypads are also favourable in vaults and compartments in places where hanging keys might be an eyesore or prove less inconspicuous. Some come with bright LED light that help you see your lock better at night when everywhere is dark and can even display other useful information for types that are internet enabled

5. More safety for kids and minors

Many times, once kids lose their keys, they have to stay out or hang out at a friend’s place till their parents are back. Having a key code lock ensures that your kids can enter your home even when they misplace or forget their keys at school or at a playground. All they have to do is remember the right code for the door and they would have access at all times. Same way you can use keypad locks to make entry easier for your kids, you can also use it to keep children out of restricted rooms. You don’t have to worry about keys being stolen or duplicated without your knowledge. Keypad locks can help you keep a log of wrong code attempts and entry/records so you know if anyone has been in those rooms.

Bottom line

The advantages that the Keypad system of security offers is obviously numerous. Although it is not by any chance hack-proof or burglar-proof, very few technologies have the ability to hack through advanced digital locks in a limited timeframe. Some locks are designed with a hybrid lock that allows use of keys to manually override the digital keypad lock and vice versa.

If you are looking to get some form of security, talk to a locksmith in Orlando before concluding on which options are best suited for your home, but be rest assured that keypad locks are one of the best available solutions. The keypad lock is also easy to equip and assemble, most professional locksmith services in Orlando can install and have it running in no time.