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Tips for Protecting your home when on vacation

Tips for Protecting your home when on vacation

Tips for Protecting your home when on vacation

Any locksmith in Orlando will tell you that whenever you go on vacation, your home can be very vulnerable and you also might feel some sense of apprehension and worry about your precious belongings.

Before travelling on vacation, it is important to have a locksmith in Orlando check that all your locks are in good condition and lock properly. This is one of many tips that we will be sharing with you to keep your home safe and secure.

Give the impression someone is at home

Creating the illusion that someone is at the house can help keep your home safe. Keeping a car in the driveway like you are home or having someone do your lawn maintenance if you are away for a long time also helps keep your home from looking abandoned.

The appearance serves as a deterrent and if your house looks occupied, would-be burglars are more likely to think twice about robbing you. You can also have a locksmith in Orlando fix a motion activated security light to detract intruders.

Keep your social media discreet

We all love to update our social media status but it also gives the wrong people information that may be detrimental to you. The last thing you want to do is to announce to everyone that your home is unoccupied and ripe for the taking.

Share information with only loved one and consider using proper privacy settings on your social media accounts. Once burglars know you are not home, they can easily search for your address on the internet and have a field day raiding your home.

Regular check-in by a trusted person

If there is a trusted friend or family member close to your home, you can leave a key with them so that they check your home regularly to see that everything is fine. They can also collect your mail, clean the porch to make your house look occupied.

Nowadays, a qualified locksmith in Orlando install a security system for you that have cameras included that allow you to check into your home regularly. These advanced systems also include smart locks that send you a notification once someone enters your home.

Prevent accidents

It is advisable to unplug all appliances that are not essential like televisions, radios, microwaves and other appliances that do not need to be on. You can also turn off all the water main supply to prevent flooding and plumbing leaks. You can keep your air conditioning on but you should try to have a smart thermostat that can regulate without you being present.

Final thoughts

As much as not a lot is not under your control, you can still try to do your best to keep your home safe in your absence. If you lose your keys when on vacation, you can call a locksmith in Orlando to help you change the locks when you get back. By following these tips, you will better enjoy your vacation without stressing about the safety of your belongings.