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Reasons to rekey your lock

Reasons to rekey your lock

Reasons to rekey your lock

There are many reasons why we can decide that it is time to rekey the lock. Rekeying your locks are highly recommended if you either just moved into the new house or you suffered a break-in. In most cases, it is because most people just want to feel more secure and that everything in their home is well-taken care of.

But in these cases, it is not always necessary to change the entire lock, otherwise rekeying the lock will be enough to be safe and you also save money.

It should be noted that when we speak of rekeying a lock we are referring to the part that is pear shaped or round shape depending on the type of lock and that has the slot to place the key. Rekeying the locks also mean that your keys will be changed and you will be much safer in your new location.

You have an option to either rekey the lock yourself or call a professional locksmith in Orlando.

How to rekey a lock

Rekeying a lock requires a lot of precision. First, the previous one will be extracted carefully so as not to damage the door frame and that it can leave easily. It is advisable to take the measurements of the size of the inner body of the lock so that you can choose a new one that meets the above characteristics. In the current market, you can have different models and designs such as brass finish, nickel plated, double cylinders, double clutch, etc. It is also necessary to consider the measurement of the cam. That will depend a lot on how the door is. For example, wooden doors usually have a long cam whereas metal doors usually have a short cam.

When we have removed the old one, the new one is installed. Once it is installed, we test the key several times to make sure that it works, since in many cases at the beginning, the key might be slightly stiff and may not turn properly. Some polishing will then be required to make the new key barrel turn smoother with little resistance.

It is important that any locksmith in Orlando that does your rekeying gives you a guarantee of the rekeying so that you can rest assured that there won't be faults to complain about. Besides, it is not an expensive service, quite the opposite.

It is good to hire locksmith in Orlando who have good reputations and are professionals in the industry with years of experience to assist with your rekeying services.

There are many advantages to rekeying your lock. You save money because it is cheaper to change the barrels and keys than buying an entirely new lock. You also better protect your home or place or business from former residents who may have copies of the key before you. In the event where there are many locks in the house, the cost of changing all the locks might be too expensive so rekeying is a better and cheaper way to go.

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