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5 Things Most People Forget To Secure

5 Things Most People Forget To Secure

5 Things Most People Forget To Secure


Awareness is one of the key factors that influence security. In other words, being aware simply denote the state of being mindful and attentive to the events happening around you, including the important things you have to keep secure.

If you pause a little and ponder about some things in your life, you will be shocked there are so any important things that you have to keep safe. But, since there is a lot in mind, people quickly forget there are some things we need to keep secure. You don’t always need a locksmith in Orlando to keep your belongings safe, sometimes it is just a little bit of care is what is needed.

Just think about it: most times we walk out of our homes without remembering to set the alarm/fire monitoring and security system, due to lots of tasks needing our attention, which at times, can be overwhelming. However, we must take priority of our safety, commit more to our home security among other things. Yes! We have a lot to remember and practically a lot to forget if we fail to become more aware of the activities around us, but such is the nature of security; there is no excuse for lapses or failure when disaster strikes.

Here are 5 things most people typically forget to secure.

1. Vital documents

The best sources of information describing the identity of a man are those written and recorded. Whatever type of document it may be, as long as it contains some form of vital personal information, it should be kept safe and secure. But sadly, most folks have failed to take note of this and so tend to overlook such documents because they underestimate their level of importance to their private and business life.

There are reasons why this lack of awareness is rife among people, and the chief reason is that most of these vital documents are not like the ordinary piece of papers used on a daily basis. Therefore we are quick to forget them. Below are some typical examples:

  • Banks statements and documents
  • Birth certificate
  • International passports
  • Social security cards
  • Estate documents
  • Documents & receipts evidencing ownership, and more.

The documents above are essential due to the vital information they hold. If adequate steps are not taking to keep such information secure, it can lead to identity theft, which might, in turn, result in both personal and public or economic losses like character assassination, blackmail and political upheavals for those involved in politics.

To prevent such incident from happening, homeowners should invest in lockboxes or safes where such documents can be stored and adequately secure.

2. Backup hard drives and MC

The technological era that we live in has made it possible for people to save a copy of all their valuable data and files for several reasons. The first reason is to prevent the loss of data in the event your computer got infected with a severe virus, got damaged or stolen. Another reason is to enhance mobility as you can conveniently travel to anywhere with just your external hard disk or SD card containing your stored files and data, without needing your computer.

If you’re using a hard drive, know that it’s very important to keep it safe and secure. This has to be done to prevent unauthorized and criminally minded individuals from gaining access to your data and files. Although you can secure your hard drives through data encryption, it is, even more, easier and reassuring to have them stored in a safe location. We suggest that you make use of both options because security works better in layers.

Therefore, homeowners are advised to use lockboxes and safes, including using off-site locations such as safe deposit boxes. You should speak to a locksmith in Orlando to have these installed properly.

3. Jewelry and collectibles

Most people are guilty of letting their valuable jewelry and expensive collectibles lying carelessly around in the house or elsewhere. Even for the most organized and security conscious person, leaving jewelry and other valuable items around is always something that happens at times. But for some people, it has become a bad habit of leaving carelessly expensive jewelry and valuable items of high sentimental value lying around the whole place, automatically exposing these items to irreparable damage or theft.

According to statistics, burglars spend an average of 9 to 11 minutes in a home, which means that they simply do not have the time to ransack the entire house but just grab at anything of good monetary value (like jewelry) and such other easy-to-fence items. It is estimated that $2, 251 is lost to every single reported burglary case in the U.S. This is not to say homeowners are solely responsible for the break-ins, but every one of us has a responsibility to ensure things are properly secure, so burglars won’t have a free day in finding them.

Thus, reliable jewelry chests, lockboxes, and safes are some ideal way people can keep their valuable items secure from theft or burglary. Also, people should make use of checklists to help remind themselves that they need to securely store away their jewelry and collectibles when they are not needed.

4. Power tools

When we are talking about expensive things, power tools are always there on the list. They are not only expensive but also have a high resale value, which put them high on the stealing list of burglars. Also, they can easily be sold off quickly and are even more comfortable to grab. The fact that most burglars are making it big in this regard shows that most homeowners are not efficient in securing tools the way they would do other things.

When figuring how to keep your stuff safe, consider the process in layers. A robust security layer will offer some significant level of resistance to thieves. It is always easy to think your tools are secure behind your closed garage doors, and many such homeowners leave their tools lying visibly on the workbench. Now, such lack of awareness creates two major problems. First, it makes it easy for burglars to get around your locks and get access to your power tools, and secondly, you just might get someone inadvertently injured. Why lose hundreds of dollars in tools when you can ask a locksmith in Orlando to secure your garage and backway access points.

5. Firearms and Ammunition

Lots of guns owners would be quick to tell you how crucial it is to protect and defend the physical perspective of your Second Amendment Right! That’s quite alright, and for good reasons. But Guns aren’t sticks but efficient and powerful weapons that become a hazard and liability when an unqualified individual handles it, or when a daring burglar lay his hands on it.

It may appear that most people effectively secure their firearms, but unfortunately; it’s not always so. There are people who completely or negligently forget to adequately secure their firearms due to some form of distraction, especially when cleaning the weapon. They will leave it lying around with the intention of returning to it later on.

It is critical that guns and ammunitions are solidly stowed away so only trained and qualified individuals can have access to them.


Yes! It is easy to forget in securing some important things in our lives due to so many activities we are committed to daily. But there is always a way to address this problem. Apart from making use of a checklist, getting the right, reliable, durable safes and lockboxes is another way to ensure your valuable tools, jewelry, documents and other important items are protected and secure.

For your locks and safes, call your best and most trusted locksmith today—Arudicuellar Locks is always around to help you with your locksmith needs in Orlando.