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Between changing your locks or your keys, which is better?

Safe opening in Orlando by unauthorized individuals is one thing that a number of people have experienced in Orlando. This has put locksmiths in regular business as people are either changing keys or changing locks from time to time. People only consider changing their keys or locks when they do not have control over their locks anymore...

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Questions you need to ask before replacing a deadbolt lock

Deadbolt locks stand as one of the essential tools for maintaining a safe and secure home, store or office. They are very handy in keeping lockbox or any area or building safe any time, any day. Choosing a deadbolt lock anew, or for replacement is not as easy as it seems because there are so many of them in the market. Of course, you would want to buy the deadbolt lock that will suit your lock...

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Your Safe Won’t Open? Here Is What to Do

There are times when your safe might refuse to open. It could be for some reasons, and if you have a combination safe, it is one great way to keep your valuables away from others. But now you need to have it open by employing the best method of a safe opening in Orlando...

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Best Lock Designs For Your Home

Nowadays, no one carries around a keychain anymore, due to the advancement of technology. Today, with lots of smart locks, you can walk into your house with just a click; like a fingerprint or facial recognition. It may look like an action movie when you waltz into your home with only a fingerprint, facial recognition or voice recognition. But all these are now easy with the help of technology.

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Benefits of Owning A Home Safe

Although most people have the misconception that only rich people use or need a safe at home, people need to start realizing the value of safes. A safe is one of the most valuable devices in households, it is a device every homeowner should have, even people in their offices own a safe and that's because they recognize its value...

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Top 3 Ways to Secure Your Door

Doors are the first line of defense and security against external forces. External forces may include minor hassles like pests and other unwarranted nuisance. On a more significant level, your door is the main barrier between a burglar and your valuables. For door security, several factors including how it is used, how many people use it and the security of the house in general must be put into consideration...

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5 Easy Ways to Improve the Security of Your Apartment

When you reside in a multi-apartment house, you’ll discover that the security of the house differs from the security of your apartment. Although both house and apartment security are interconnected, there are a few ways to make sure that you protect your apartment from burglaries and theft. Below are some of the easiest things you can do to instantly improve your apartment’s security...

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Locksmith 101

Getting acquainted with the different Locksmith services. There is a widespread misconception that Locksmith services only entail making and repairing of locks, jams and keys. This idea is however no further from the truth as the current world of security has seen numerous advancements in the area of technology and innovation which now makes a wide array of security solutions and locks available...

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Lock-surance: Locksmith Insurance

There are many reasons why you should only hire a licensed professional Locksmith in Orlando that is insured and bonded. For starters, many countries and states require some form of Licensing and Bonding before most professionals can practice. Some countries also require licensing with the Bureau of security and/or investigative services...

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Top 5 Fixes for Your Faulty Door Lock

A faulty door lock can be frustrating especially if it happens as unexpectedly as it always does. When your door locks become faulty, it is a widespread thought that broken door locks deserve nothing than a replacement as they are quite difficult to fix and could become safety risks.

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Top 7 Door Security Concerns

Door security of both home and office spaces is of absolute priority. This is because doors are our primary line of defense in keeping our valuables safe and secure from strangers and burglars. One of the few things that help you better secure your door and avoid breach is to know the risks and common aspects of door security and vulnerability.

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Top 6 Tips to Avoid Being Locked Out of Your Home

Lockouts at homes or workplaces happen from time to time. They may arise for several reasons which may be as a result of our own carelessness or other reasons beyond our control. Whatever or whoever’s fault it may be is mostly irrelevant, and one thing we all know is that being stuck inside or locked outside is an experience that can be quite unpleasant to say the very least.

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Why Hiring a Licensed Locksmith in Orlando Matters

No matter how much you try to keep your keys safe, they sometimes get lost and you find yourself locked out of your home or business. Everyone wants to do things the cheapest way possible, sometimes neglecting the importance of quality over price. However, when it comes to the security of your home, you should not cut corners and hire a shoddy locksmith.

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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart Lock

If you were to visit your local locksmith in Orlando today and ask about locks, chances are he would recommend a smart lock to you as part of your options. Why do you need a smart lock when a deadbolt can do everything you want the smart lock to do? That’s because you are going to be saving yourself a lifetime of lost keys and many lazy hours of running to the door whenever there is someone there. How cool would it be to open your door from the couch and be able to check when your door is locked or not without driving back to the house?

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Why Locksmiths in Orlando are Recommending Smart Locks

Smart locks are fast becoming one of the most common technologies in today’s homes in the United States and are paired with new internet-connected security systems and home control kits. The smart lock market is growing exponentially every year and is expected to be approaching almost $4 billion in the next two years.

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