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Amazing Safe Finds

If you have ever thought of purchasing a safe at an estate sale, storage sale, or an auction, then you may wonder if you would be making a smart investment. In some cases, the answer is no unless you are interested in the safe to store your own valuables. In other cases, people have been amazed at what they have found in safes...

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6 Things to Keep in a Fireproof Safe at Your Home

While many people store things in a safe deposit box, keeping these items at your home in a safe designed to withstand fire makes them more accessible. Even if the institution fails to open for some reason, you still have access to the things that you have stored in the safe. You also have access after banking hours, which may mean that you do not need to take time off work when you need the information contained in your safe. Here are six things to keep in a fireproof safe at your home...

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3 of the Safest Safes in the World

Even if you forget the combination, a locksmith, like A-Rudi Cuellar Lock, can probably get you into your home’s safe, but there are others around the world that are almost impossible to access. Learning about those that are more difficult to access may provide you some new ideas for protecting the safe in your home...

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3 Things You Should Never Do when You are Locked Out of Your Safe.

It happens to even the best of us. Sometimes, you can't remember the combination to your safe, and you need to crack it open as soon as possible. Other times, it could be that you're locked out of your safe and can't get it to open. So, you're thinking, who should I call? Who can I trust to get the job done without having to fear for the safety of my valuables?...

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5 Possible Reasons Your Safe Isn’t Opening

Buying a safe is a great way to invest in a secure location for valuables to be stored. They cannot be easily broken into and require a combination that only you have access to open it if you choose not to share it with anyone else. While that sounds great, it can be extremely frustrating if it doesn’t open when you need it to...

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Four Important Things to Consider before Installing a Lock

Your house is important to you and a place of comfort. Hence, you should do all in your capacity to keep it protected. Many people budget a lot to construct a house without giving much thought on little details like the security. Working with a reputable locksmith service in Orlando is vital because they can get you the various options available in the market and make recommendations...

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Guide to Buying A Door Lock

Over the past couple of years, lock and security systems have evolved as security and safety became a major concern for all. Everyone is aware of the importance of a good lock system. You and your belongings automatically become prone to robbery and fraud with a bad lock. Always work with a reputable locksmith in Orlando. Here are some things to consider when getting a door lock....

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The Future of Lock System

Judging by the tremendous improvement to our lock system today, do you think there is more improvement to be done? What is the future of the lock system like? A home owner will tell you that he is more concerned with keeping his home secured against thieves. The bank on the other hand are always experimenting with new security measures. Thankfully, the lock industry is moving at an enormous pace into bringing technologies that increases security...

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The Evolution of Locksmith – The Journey of Locks

If you’re a fan of sci-fic or action Hollywood movies, opening of locks seems to bring more intensity to the atmosphere as the subject, with lots of experience try to unlock the lock and go away with whatever content therein. Like gold, diamond, money etc. These locks are ‘thief-proof’ in such a way that even professionals deem it a game of uncertainty. It can go wrong or right! You just have to rely on LUCK to be successful in every attempt...

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How do Biometric Fingerprint Safes work?

A biometric fingerprint safe is just like any other safe – to keep valuables locked away and safe. It is a highly secure safe usually made from durable and high-grade metal case, advanced locks and exaggerated weight to make it difficult to carry. These security measures are put in place to prevent unauthorized safe opening in Orlando. Biometric fingerprint safes also come in different sizes an depending on what you need them for; you can keep them in different spots in your home or office...

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Importance of Window Locks to your Home Security

So many people have focused so much on high-quality door locks that they seem to forget that their windows can be the security breach in their home. In some cases, windows make a much more accessible entry point than doors, and this is why you need a locksmith in Orlando to install window locks for you to ensure the safety of your family, yourself and your properties...

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What Your Residential Locksmith Can Do for You

There are many things that a residential locksmith can do for you. A residential locksmith is a technician with a specialty in home security and locks that are present in and out of a home. If you are ever locked out or presented with a situation that warrants you to change your locks, or rekey your locks, contact a locksmith in Orlando to help you out...

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When to Request For your safe opening

Safe opening in Orlando is an act that is proceeded by some actions. Requesting for your safe opening can occur as a result of some certain situations. This guide gives an insight into when to request for your safe opening, questions to ask and so on. Do read and enjoy...

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4 Things You Must Know About Safes

There are different types of safes, and there are some things that are peculiar to safes. If you own a safe and you want to make sure you are guarded against an unauthorized safe opening in Orlando, it is important that you know every bit of the important stuff about safes...

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Justifying the Need to Have Duplicate Keys

So many situations where you have been locked out of your home could have been avoided by getting a locksmith in Orlando to duplicate your keys for you. Although a lot of people are opposed to the idea of duplicating their keys for security purposes in case it falls in the wrong hands, it remains vital that you have a duplicate key kept in a safe place...

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Safe

Safes serve many purposes from protecting our valuables like jewellery and cash to storing important information like documents and sentimental items. No matter what you use your safe for, it is always good to consider a lot of factors when buying a safe...

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What to Do When You Forget The Lock Combination to Your Safe

A lot of households have at least one safe installed because of the benefits they offer as a security tool. Because they contain a lot of valuable assets and documents, people try to select the most secure passwords or codes they can come up with. Sometimes, you choose a combination code that is so secure that you forget it, then you may need to call a locksmith in Orlando to help you regain access to the safe...

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Benefits of Modern Electronic Locks

A lot of people still have conventional locks in their homes and other places where there is a need for locks. Similarly, a good number of people have adopted the use of modern electronic locks. There was a time only wealthy individuals and big businesses used these locks, but these days, electronic locks have become a popular choice, and the reason is not so far-fetched. There are so many options for electronic locks that you can choose to prevent unauthorized safe opening in Orlando. Therefore, it is essential to ask for recommendations from a professional locksmith in Orlando...

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Information that you need to provide a locksmith in Orlando for an Auto Key Replacement

Losing an important key can be heart-wrenching but in most cases, having the key replaced is simple. You only have to take an existing key to a locksmith in Orlando, and a copy key will be done in a short while. However, if your key is an auto key, the process of replacing it is not so simple. You need to find a locksmith in Orlando that is experienced in the replacement of auto keys and when you do, make sure they have the necessary expertise and tools to get another key made for you...

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Reviewing the quality features of a high-security lock system

As much as the security of your home, business or other places are concerned, a high-security lock system is always a crucial element to consider. But one thing that must be noted is that not all high-security lock system shares the same quality. However, it is important to understand the features to look for when choosing the appropriate system. In this article, your locksmith in Orlando brings you the key features to look for in a high-security lock system...

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