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The Evolution of Locksmith – The Journey of Locks

If you’re a fan of sci-fic or action Hollywood movies, opening of locks seems to bring more intensity to the atmosphere as the subject, with lots of experience try to unlock the lock and go away with whatever content therein. Like gold, diamond, money etc. These locks are ‘thief-proof’ in such a way that even professionals deem it a game of uncertainty. It can go wrong or right! You just have to rely on LUCK to be successful in every attempt.

Going back in time, to the very beginning of locks, that brings us to the ancient Egyptian pin lock. However, these locks came with a lot of flaws since any pin which is able to lift the pins high enough can open the lock. They weren’t strong or durable either. Hit by a stone and they will shatter because they were mainly made of rocks and wood.

Around 9th century, another lock began to trend, the warded lock. This lock appeared in numerous medieval establishments and they are quite distinct by the glaring element at the end of the key. This lock gave way to the skeleton key. However, these locks, like their predecessors could easily be picked.

The modern era of locks

This era gave rise to the production of more sophisticated locks with new tools and technologies that can make locks smaller and very complicated to pick. This was the time lock-smithing was being done right with lots of research and innovation into the development of new ways to keep people and property safe from intruders. In this era, a lot of notable characters played a vital role in the locksmith industry, like, Robert Barron, Jeremiah Chubb, Joseph Bramah and Linus Yale Sr.

Locks have advanced so much in today’s world as electronics locks are often reliable and more complicated to hack than their old counterpart. This has given a lot of humans a sense of safety and security. In fact, most locksmiths in Orlando now recommend smart locks to most clients as they are now quite popular and commonplace.

These programmable, modern locks are highly encrypted that only the homeowner can open it. only in rare cases can such be hacked and before such an act is carried out successfully, the alarm has already been triggered, calling attention to the authorities and neighbors

Modern, smart locks come in different designs and capabilities. Some require only your voice to unlock, some require a biometric key like an iris scan or fingerprint. There are others that requires answering of security questions. The most common unlocking type of modern locks is the use of codes or words as password.

Locksmiths in Orlando are also getting much more sophisticated and advanced compared to years ago. Today, locks can’t easily be picked or unlocked by a stranger, nor can they easily be hacked since such a knowledge is known only to the manufacturer. They would won’t want their lock to be hackable cause that means, they will be out of business for the production of unreliable locks.

Always upgrade to a more sophisticated lock because old locks are prone to hacks or compromise. Speak to a locksmith in Orlando today for the best modern lock for your home. For a reliable and modern locksmith in Orlando to provide you with excellent locksmith services, contact us at Arudicuellar Locks Co. on (407) 423-2994 or send an email to for a free appointment.