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3 of the Safest Safes in the World

Even if you forget the combination, a locksmith, like A-Rudi Cuellar Lock, can probably get you into your home’s safe, but there are others around the world that are almost impossible to access. Learning about those that are more difficult to access may provide you some new ideas for protecting the safe in your home.

Fort Knox

You must first climb over four fences at Fort Knox before you can even get to the building containing the safe. Two of the fences are electrically designed to send a life-ending jab of electricity through your body. Then, you must sneak by armed soldiers surrounding the building and not get detected on the video camera. Once inside, you must round up a team of individuals as no one knows the complete code. Then, you must cut the seal to the vault’s 22-ton door and have each one put in their piece of the code in the correct order. Once inside the vault, then you will have to have more crack more codes as the vault is filled with many individual safes. If the soldiers do not kill you, then you could make off with over $186 billion in gold.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

It may be relatively easy to get to the vault at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York because tours of the vault area in Manhattan are regularly given, but that is the only part of getting into this vault that is easy. First, the vault is located 80 feet below street level, and it is made of a steel cylinder. The nine-ton cylinder steel vault sits inside a room that is watertight and made from steel and concrete. It takes a team of three individuals to open the vault allowing access to four sealed rooms. Each of the sealed rooms can only be opened when a steel rod is placed in the correct hole in the right order. Once inside the rooms contain over 540,000 gold bars that are locked behind padlocks requiring keys to open with no one having a complete set of keys to all of the gold.

LDS Church Granite Mountain Records Vault

If you have ever tried looking for your ancestral records, then you may have stumbled upon references stored within the LDS Church Granite Mountain Records Vault in Salt Lake City. Over 675 tons of granite rock guard the entrance to this vault where over 100,000 rolls of microfilm are stored. In order to access this vault, one must gain access to one of four hallways that are each secured with a nine-to-14-ton steel door. The doors are each securely locked with careful access given to very few individuals.

While it may be almost impossible to get into these safes, if you have locked yourself out of your safe at home, then you simply need to call a safe opening in Orlando company. The best one to call is A-Rudi Cuellar Lock as he will have you in your safe very soon. In order to obtain his safe opening in Orlando services simply call (407) 423-2994.