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Guide to Buying A Door Lock

Over the past couple of years, lock and security systems have evolved as security and safety became a major concern for all. Everyone is aware of the importance of a good lock system. You and your belongings automatically become prone to robbery and fraud with a bad lock. Always work with a reputable locksmith in Orlando. Here are some things to consider when getting a door lock.

Door Lock

Door locks come in various size since their application differs. Door locks are usually fixed on the surface of the lock for optimum security. The main reason for using door lock is to keep you, your household and properties secured.

Mechanism of Door Lock

The door lock is usually adjusted with the door. Affixed with the adjacent wall, it keeps the house protected to prevent unauthorized access. The lock is attached to position with a frame of strike plate to keep it in place with the door. This is the part that makes detachment and replacement of the door easier.

All lock comes with a set of keys which helps lock the door. On inserting a key, it penetrates the cylinder. The cylinder is the part that does the locking and unlocking process with the key. Its many pins ensure that only the correct key opens or closes the door. The pin works in sync with the key, enabling the bolt to keep the door locked. The ability of these door lock part gives room for variation in the market.

Type of Door Locks

There are two factors that guide the selection of door locks in the market. These are the type of the door and the function of the locks. Door locks come in various types, all for various reasons.

  • Doorknobs

    The most common type of door locks is the doorknobs. It comes with one or two cylinders giving the user the ability to open the door from both sides.

    The modified versions of doorknobs are the hand lever knobs. It comes with a lever attached to the knob which makes it suitable for inside door locking since it doesn’t give great security.

  • Deadbolt

    Deadbolt is a pretty secure version of locks. It gives extra security for your home

  • Handle set locks

    Handle set locks comes with a key knob or keyed opening on the door. It has a handle which allows for easy opening and makes the exterior of your door appealing.

  • Barrel bolt

    Barrel bolt is a form of sliding bolt lock. It is usually attached in combination with external locks. It is also suitable for interior use.

  • Mortise locks

    Mortise locks are used with a unique type of mechanism. It engages the lockset thread alongside the mortise component to give ample security.

  • Cam locks

    Cam locks are applicable to cabinet locks. It is beautiful and invisible from the outside.

Be sure to inspect your door lock thoroughly before installation. This will make you get the best lock available for your door. Also, you need to work with a reputable locksmith service in Orlando. Get in touch with us at A-Rudi Cellular Lock. We will provide our expertise to help you get the best lock for your system.