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Amazing Safe Finds

If you have ever thought of purchasing a safe at an estate sale, storage sale, or an auction, then you may wonder if you would be making a smart investment. In some cases, the answer is no unless you are interested in the safe to store your own valuables. In other cases, people have been amazed at what they have found in safes.

Gold Coins

A safe had been in an elderly man’s garage for many years. After the man’s death the family finally contacted a junk dealer to sell the safe for its metal value as they wanted it out of the way. The junk dealer happened to have a friend who was a locksmith who specialized in safe opening in Orlando. The pair decided to open the safe. Inside, they found a gold coin collection worth $2.5 million. The junk dealer turned the money over to the police who determined that the money belonged to the elderly man’s family.


Even if your jewelry only has sentimental value, you will want to keep pieces that are important to you in a safe when you are not wearing it. Take a few minutes to learn how to store your jewelry properly so that it does not get damaged inside your safe. Generally, you want to keep it from rubbing together by keeping it in soft bags.

Famous Music

An accountant working with the Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Philadelphia had an old safe opened to look for some historical documents she hoped was contained inside. When the safe was opened, she found music written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart along with musical manuscripts composed by Franz Joseph Haydn, Johann Strauss. It turns out that along with a sizeable monetary donation, the music and manuscripts were donated to the seminary by William Doane. While the money he gave was used to construct the seminary, the musical masterpieces were put in a safe, so they could be sold if the seminary ever ran into money problems.


You want a professional locksmith to open an old safe unless you already know the safe’s contents. Two burglars in New Hampshire tried to open an old safe with a low-powered torch. Unfortunately, one of them did not live to tell the story as there were fireworks inside the safe, which were ignited by the torch’s flame.

Mysterious Book and More

When a young couple purchased a home in Phoenix, Arizona, they discovered an old safe under the kitchen floor. They found the key in the medicine cabinet and opened the safe. They found $50,000 and an old bottle of bourbon. They were amazed to also find a book with a personal note saying that the former owner had underlined phrases in the book. Hidden inside were also a map to a mysterious tree in Arizona and a Bingo card with the number three circled on it.

If you decide to buy an old safe or find one when remodeling, then make sure to call a professional safe opener. You may be surprised what you find when safe opening in Orlando, but you do not want to be like the burglars who ended up dead. Instead, call A-Rudi Cuellar Lock at (407) 423-2994 to open the safe for you. They have the experience and knowledge to do the job safely.