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What to Do When You Forget The Lock Combination to Your Safe

A lot of households have at least one safe installed because of the benefits they offer as a security tool. Because they contain a lot of valuable assets and documents, people try to select the most secure passwords or codes they can come up with. Sometimes, you choose a combination code that is so secure that you forget it, then you may need to call a locksmith in Orlando to help you regain access to the safe.

Before you call in the big guns, here are some tips and tricks that can assist you when dealing with a forgotten code combination.

1. Know the kind of safe you have

Some safes are easy to use and come in different shapes and sizes. If you are having trouble opening your safe, the first thing is to know the kind of safe that you have so you can begin to plan how to get inside without ruining its contents. Some safes allow you to reset the code, others have a backup physical key. If you are not sure what type of safe you have, check for the serial number and purchase information. You can call the manufacturer and ask for more information or check online.

2. Check the owner’s manual

It’s now time to read through the owner’s manual to see what it prescribes. If you don’t have one, you should be able to download one online. Most safes do not have an override feature for your own protection but may have either a key override or a change key. A key override will allow you to access your safe in a different way, typically a spare key. A change key is another option that will allow you to modify your safe combination through a special hole behind the safe. If these don’t work, then you have to call a locksmith in Orlando.

3. Forced entry

This is a final option because it will damage your safe and may require you buying another one. If you decide to forcefully access your safe, you’re better off asking a locksmith in Orlando to help you with this. This is because a locksmith may be able to save the safe for you and get it back to order through a lock replacement unlike when you take a hammer and axe to it yourself.

4. Call a locksmith in Orlando

If you have tried everything you can and still cannot access your safe, you have to call a reputable locksmith company to help you with your problem. They will send in a qualified locksmith that has experience with the type of safe that you have and will sort it out for you. Locksmith will either forcefully access the safe as best as they can without damaging the safe. Alternatively, locksmiths know how to manipulate safe combination dials, manually move the wheel pack and dials till it is opened.

Final words

Losing your safe’s combination code is not the end of the world. Follow these tops of call a qualified locksmith in Orlando to help you access your safe.