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Information that you need to provide a locksmith in Orlando for an Auto Key Replacement

Losing an important key can be heart-wrenching but in most cases, having the key replaced is simple. You only have to take an existing key to a locksmith in Orlando, and a copy key will be done in a short while. However, if your key is an auto key, the process of replacing it is not so simple. You need to find a locksmith in Orlando that is experienced in the replacement of auto keys and when you do, make sure they have the necessary expertise and tools to get another key made for you.

Know what kind of keys you have

Before you contact an automotive locksmith in Orlando, first confirm the type of keys that your car uses. Is it a laser-cut key or other types? If it is a laser cut key, it has a different shape from regular keys, and the ridge on the key is smooth and wavy. Compared to regular keys, laser-cut keys are more secure with a higher level of precision and are thus not simple to duplicate. Not all locksmiths can duplicate laser-cut keys, and this is the more reason why you have to contact a credible and experienced locksmith in Orlando.

Replacing Transponder chip keys

If your lost key has transponder chips, changing the key will not be that simple. Transponder chips are installed in the head of car keys to prevent theft. For keys with transponder chips, when inserted into the car’s ignition, a radio frequency signal is emitted by the car’s computer system. If the transponder does not respond with the right RFID signal, you will be unable to start the car. So, if you want to replace the keys that you will use in your car’s ignition and not just keys to open the car doors, you must make sure the appropriate transponder chip is embedded in the key head. To make sure the right transponder is installed into your key, you will have to order a blank transponder for your specific car model from your vehicle’s manufacturer or reputable auto shops. This can be done for you by a locksmith in Orlando.

Ensure you give the locksmith in Orlando full information

When you contact a locksmith in Orlando to help you replace your car key, make sure you provide your car’s model and make. Not all locksmiths can make duplicate auto keys, so you need to be sure about the area of specialty of the locksmith in Orlando that you are hiring. The security features that came with the car keys must be included in the replacement too. Your Vehicle Identification Number may be required as well so that the locksmith can make an accurate duplicate. Other things you must have before calling a locksmith in Orlando include a means of identification and proof of car ownership.

You should also get the cost implication for making a duplicate car key when you call a locksmith in Orlando.

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