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Importance of Window Locks to your Home Security

So many people have focused so much on high-quality door locks that they seem to forget that their windows can be the security breach in their home. In some cases, windows make a much more accessible entry point than doors, and this is why you need a locksmith in Orlando to install window locks for you to ensure the safety of your family, yourself and your properties.

Why should you install Window Locks?

If an intruder or burglar is trying to break into your property which does not have window locks, they can easily break the glass and gain entry if the property is empty. However, it wouldn’t be that simple if there were window locks because it would take the intruder more time to get the glass out of the way, so they do not get injured. During this time, you or a neighbor can catch them in the act.

The best thing to do with window locks is to install them on every window because some burglars will not be discouraged after trying the first and second window. They may go on to try all the windows to see if any of them is unlocked or do not have window locks installed on them. There are so many options besides window locks with which you can secure your windows such as window alarm systems, reinforced glass, or window bars but window locks are simple and highly effective in keeping burglars out of your property.

Which window locks are the right ones?

The right window lock for your property is determined by the type of window you have and what kind of fitting you would install the lock on. For professional window lock installation, we can help you at A-Rudi Cuellar Locksmith. Check out some of the types of window locks you can install.

  • Keyed Sash Locks

    These window locks are mounted on the side of the window and can be opened or locked with a key. Before the lock can open, you need to have a key.

  • Hinged Wedge Locks

    This type of lock is suitable for double-hung windows. When in place, the window does not open fully and only goes as far as the point where the lock is installed. When pushed inward towards the window, the window can slide open completely but remain locked securely.

  • Folding Locks

    The folding lock is mounted to the top window of a double hung window. The window can only open fully if opened inwards and it allows air to get into the house through the window while still securely locked.

  • Window Latch Lock

    This is the most common window lock. The latch lock is attached to one window, and it locks securely when connected to another window.

If you are thinking of installing a window lock on your window, a locksmith in Orlando can help you with this. Put a call through to us at A-Rudi Cuellar Lock by calling 407 423 2994.